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Life Wealth Win offers individuals, families, and businesses the best life insurance, mortgage protection, final expense, and retirement protection policies from the best insurance companies in the United States.

Life insurance, mortgage protection, and final expense policies are the perfect tool to generate cash when you need it the most…when a loved one or business partner dies and puts the people around them at great financial risk.

We understand that the death of a family member, loved one, or key business person will impact families and businesses for generations to come. Without adequate insurance and wealth protection, financial disaster is the norm, not the exception.

At Life Wealth Win we help people with medical conditions ranging from mild to high-risk life insurance cases. We can get healthy people the best life insurance rates in the industry! If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or other conditions, we will work with you to get you affordable life insurance protection.

We help individuals and businesses create money or preserve their assets with life insurance products when an unexpected death occurs. Our business clients range from middle-class families to affluent individuals such as doctors, lawyers, and C-level Executives.

If you are life insurance shopper, you’ve come to the right place. As most people only shop for and purchase one or two life insurance policies in their lifetime, they are not skilled or knowledgeable about life insurance terms and concepts.

INCOME REPLACEMENT LIFE INSURANCE – When a spouse or partner dies, the surviving loved one must live without the other spouse or partner’s income. Most couples or families now consist of two income earners in the household. If one partner dies, the household income may be cut by 30 to 70%.

If only one spouse works at an income producing job and the working family member dies, the surviving family members will have no income to live on in the coming months and years.

Spouses who cannot work due to taking care of children or being unable work due to medical or other reasons are at great financial risk when an income earner dies.

If each spouse or partner earned $50,000 a year, a $250,000 life insurance policy would provide for five years of income replacement for the surviving spouse. A $500,000 policy would provide for ten years of income replacement for the surviving spouse.

Income replacement life insurance replaces the income of the deceased loved one, so the surviving family member has a chance of picking up the pieces after the death of a loved one and not having to make dramatic lifestyle changes and financial decisions after the death of a loved one.

MORTGAGE PROTECTION LIFE INSURANCE – Purchasing a home is likely the most significant financial purchase you will make in your life. Your mortgage payment is probably your most substantial monthly financial obligation. Most married couples each work to provide income to a household. If one member of this pair dies, the household income may be reduced up to 30 to 70% annually.

With the household income cut so drastically, a mortgage payment is often unaffordable, and the majority of homes are lost to foreclosure to the lender within one to two years.

Protecting your mortgage and making sure your family owns your home upon your death is one of the most loving things you can do for your family.

Mortgage protection is affordable and will keep your loved ones protected when you’re gone. Your surviving family members will not have to move to a different home, to a different school district, and away from friends and community support after your death.

BURIAL EXPENSE LIFE INSURANCE – Many senior adults do not have adequate savings or other financial reserves to pay for their end-of-life burial expenses. Many seniors do not want to leave this financial burden for their children and loved ones to pay.

An average casket funeral can cost from $8500-$12,500, depending on where you live. Cremations can cost between $1000 and $2500. Purchasing a burial policy is an affordable way to ease the financial and emotional burden on family members and loved ones after their death.

Many seniors without this kind of money in the bank find that a final expense policy is an affordable option that will take care of their end-of-life expenses.

COLLEGE LOAN REPAYMENT LIFE INSURANCE – College attendance is getting expensive every year. More young and middle-aged adults are using student loans to achieve their goal of getting a college degree. A college degree is almost mandatory for any job these days.

A college education and degree will prepare you for future employment and increase your salary or income; a college degree and has shown to increase your lifelong earning potential greatly. Many parents and grandparents cosign for their children’s or grandchildren’s college loans for the child to secure and qualify for a college loan.

Most teens and young adults do not have an adequate credit history to qualify for a college loan. Because of this, many parents and grandparents cosigned for these loans. If the worst were to happen and a young or middle-aged adult died unexpectedly, the cosigners of these loans would be responsible for the entire college loan debt.

This is a devastating amount of debt to throw on top of a cosigner’s other debt obligations. Thankfully, young and middle-aged adults who are healthy can get the most affordable life insurance rates available. If you have any college debt for which somebody else has cosigned, it is a responsible decision to purchase life insurance to pay off your college loan should you die; nobody else should have to pay your college debt when you’re gone.

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