Life insurance and inflation don’t go together really well. Considering the continually changing nature of the economy, perhaps the biggest threat to our life insurance and future wealth is inflation. With the rate of inflation being unpredictable, it can wreak havoc on many of your assets in the future. It can also have an adverse.. More

Getting life insurance for stroke survivors can be challenging at times. If you know anyone who has had a stroke, you know how devastating this medical condition can be. Many years ago my father and I were at the State Fair when he suddenly started not feeling well. My father had numbness radiating down his.. More

Guaranteed universal life insurance is your best option if you need permanent life insurance coverage, but you cannot afford the high cost of whole life insurance. Guaranteed universal life offers the cost benefits of term life with the security of whole life. Guaranteed universal life is also called “no lapse” or secondary guarantee universal life… More

Typically when we get the question “can I get life insurance on my siblings?” it’s usually because the person on the other line is worried about what would happen if their siblings die without life insurance. Who would pay for their funeral in the first place? We usually purchase life insurance to financially protect our.. More

Life insurance after bankruptcy can be a challenge. It can be a frustrating process when you’re applying for life insurance. The insurance carriers are looking at different factors to determine if you’re eligible for coverage. They decide whether they can give you a policy at the level of risk you present to them. While each.. More

Can I get life insurance on my ex-husband? This is the typical question wives ask us during divorce. They are worried about what would happen to them and their children if their ex-husband died without any life insurance. Can I get life insurance on my ex-husband? The quick answer is YES. It is possible to.. More

Life insurance for multiple sclerosis patients can be challenging. MS is an unpredictable autoimmune disease that makes it difficult to get insured. But, just because you have multiple sclerosis doesn’t mean you can’t buy life insurance. Life insurance for multiple sclerosis patients is possible. We have helped many people with MS purchase life insurance. Life.. More

Key man life insurance is a standard life insurance or disability policy taken out by the business to compensate for losses incurred with the death or disability of a key income generator. This type of policy is also called key person insurance, key executive insurance, key employee insurance, company-owned life insurance or corporate-owned life insurance… More

People often ask us, “Can I get life insurance on someone else?”, “Can I buy life insurance policy on family members?”, and “How can I purchase  insurance for my parents?” – We answer these common questions in this article. It is essential to purchase an insurance policy to protect our family financially when we pass.. More