Life Insurance For Business

Life insurance after bankruptcy can be a challenge. It can be a frustrating process when you’re applying for life insurance. The insurance carriers are looking at different factors to determine if you’re eligible for coverage. They decide whether they can give you a policy at the level of risk you present to them. While each.. More

Key man life insurance is a standard life insurance or disability policy taken out by the business to compensate for losses incurred with the death or disability of a key income generator. This type of policy is also called key person insurance, key executive insurance, key employee insurance, company-owned life insurance or corporate-owned life insurance… More

Key Man insurance, or key person insurance, is a life insurance policy on an individual, who is a key person in the business. This person is typically the key to the businesses success. If you are a small business, the key person would be you, as the owner. Often, the founder of the business or.. More

Business Uses For Life Insurance

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Business Uses For Life Insurance Cross Buy-Sell Life Insurance Agreements Cross buy-sell agreements are when each owner or business partner purchases life insurance policies on the other partners. The policies are typically equal to the value of the ownership stake they each have in the business. These plans are structured in a way that the.. More