Life Insurance Policy Types

If you are looking for final expense life insurance, you may be wondering about your final expense life insurance eligibility. Expenses associated with your death (casket, embalming, funeral home, etc.), can be unaffordable for those who love you who are left behind. Final expense life insurance can help protect your loved ones from paying or.. More

Most people do not consider college loan life insurance for their children with life insurance when they head off to college. College is supposed to be a time of growth, education, and a time for young men and women to mature into responsible adults. Many adults also attend college later in life to upgrade their.. More

When starting a business, the banks will often require you to purchase a business loan collateral life insurance policy. This helps protect the bank and generate the funds to pay off the remainder of your loan should you die unexpectedly. Starting a business requires varying amounts of capital investment. There are real estate costs, inventory.. More

Simplified issue life insurance policies differ from fully underwritten term life and whole life insurance policies. These insurance policies take much less time and effort to get qualified for than a fully underwritten life insurance plan. Simplified issue life insurance plans work great for many people as long as you fully understand everything about them!.. More

“Can I get a no medical exam life insurance policy?” is a question many life insurance shoppers ask themselves. Trying to get a fully underwritten life insurance policy can be a longer process that never seems to get done for many people…people are busy, and these policies have more hoops to jump through. Simplicity is.. More

We help get life insurance for firefighters, police officers, and EMTs! At Life-Wealth-Win, we have a special place in our heart for our public servants and emergency responders! If you are looking for firefighter life insurance, police officer life insurance, EMT life insurance, or paramedic life insurance, you have come to the right place! If you.. More

If you have a student loan, purchasing student loan life insurance, student debt insurance, or student loan cosigner life insurance is a wise option. We know many people that have large amounts of student debt loans (over $100,000). We know many parents who have cosigned for massive amounts of student debt for their child’s college.. More

“What is universal life insurance and is it right for me?” is a question you may ask yourself. Universal Life Insurance differs from term life insurance and whole life insurance. Making sure you know what your current and future financial needs are will help determine which life insurance product is right for you and your loved.. More

If you are new to shopping for life insurance, the term life insurance vs whole life insurance can be a confusing experience! As with any product you are not familiar with, there is a lot of language and terminology to learn. There are also many different insurance companies, rate plans, and features to compare. A.. More