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If you have a duodenal ulcer and are looking for duodenal ulcer life insurance, we can help you. When your stomach isn’t feeling good, it’s hard for you to feel good about other parts of your life.

One thing that all people need, including people with duodenal ulcers, is affordable and adequate life insurance protection. We help people every day find the best life insurance eith duodenal ulcer coverage, with the best pricing, regardless of their health condition or physical challenges.

What causes duodenal ulcers?

Your stomach produces acids that aid in the digestion of food and the killing of germs (bacteria) within your stomach. The acid is corrosive, so your body normally creates a natural mucus barrier to protect your stomach and duodenum.

There is a natural balance that occurs within your body between the acids in your stomach and the mucus defense barrier. If an imbalance occurs, the lining of the stomach or duodenum may be damaged by the acid produced by your body.

Infection with Helicobacter pylori (H.pyoloi) causes about 19 out of 20 cases of duodenal ulcers. Unless treated, H.pyoloi will stay with you the rest of your life. For some people, it causes no problems; for others, it causes inflammation in the lining of the stomach and duodenum.

Duodenal ulcers are usually caused by a germ (bacterium) that results in an infection.

Duodenal ulcers may also be the result of anti-inflammatory medicines used to treat arthritis and other medical conditions (aspirin, ibuprofen, diclofenac, and NSAIDs, etc.).

Duodenal ulcer symptoms:

  • Pain in the abdomen (upper tummy) and just below the sternum (breastbone)
  • Bloating
  • Retching
  • Feeling sick
  • Bleeding ulcer
  • Small intestine perforation (duodenum)

Can duodenal ulcers the life-threatening?

Yes. If an ulcer perforates the wall of the small intestine (duodenum), food and acid may leak into the abdominal cavity, causing severe pain and a medical emergency.

How can duodenal ulcers be prevented?

If your duodenal ulcer results from anti-inflammatory medication use, your physician may prescribe a long-term acid-suppressing medication.

How are duodenal ulcers cured?

Here are some of the treatment options for duodenal ulcers:

  • Acid-suppressing medication – A general treatment regimen involves a 4 to 8-week medical regimen of antacids that allow the ulcer to heal.
  • Antibiotics may also be prescribed if deemed medically necessary.
  • Eating smaller amounts of food more frequently can help.
  • Stop drinking alcohol or drink only in moderation.
  • What will the insurance company want to know about my duodenal ulcer for life insurance?
  • Medications
  • Regular checkups with your gastroenterologist
  • Results of any recent diagnostic testing
  • Lifestyle choices that put you at higher risk – alcohol, fatty foods etc.

What kind of life insurance rates can I get with a duodenal ulcer?

Since most cases of duodenal ulcer are not severe medical impairments, a standard rating is appropriate for most people.

Moderate cases of duodenal ulcer with a history of bleeding, bloating, burning, or hunger like pain may cause a lower life insurance rating.

The best way to find out what rates you’ll qualify for is to call us so we can gather more details about your particular situation.

The insurance company underwriters will also want to know more about your symptoms and health complications. These may include:

  • Your diagnosis date
  • Medications and dosage
  • Frequency of symptoms or flare-ups  (diarrhea, bloating, abdominal discomfort etc.)
  • Risky eating habits or noncompliance with your doctor’s medical recommendations.
  • Routine gastroenterologist checkups to manage your duodenal ulcer.

Depending on the insurance company, and the height and weight of the life insurance candidate, an SBS sufferer may qualify for both medical and non-medical life insurance policies.


If you have been diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer, call us to help you understand your life insurance options.

At Life Wealth Win, we specialize in healthy to high-risk life insurance cases. We can help you understand your life insurance options with a duodenal ulcer.

We work with clients across the nation to get the best life insurance rates possible. If you have a duodenal ulcer, we can help you get the best life insurance rates.

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About Life-Wealth-Win

We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best life insurance rates.

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