Fee-Only Financial Advisor Partnership

If you are a Fee-Only financial advisor, we may be an ideal fit for you and your clients. Life Wealth Win is home to the Life Insurance Answer Man and we can help your clients with the best life insurance products, at the best price.

We are life insurance experts and can help your clients with any life insurance product you recommend for your clients. When working with your clients, we will recommend no other life insurance products without your knowledge.

We understand there is nothing more frustrating than sending your clients to a life insurance agent only to have them “introduced” or attempting to “sell” other life insurance products.

We understand you are the financial advisor, and we are the insurance agent. Our job is to implement your plan of action, provide the best customer service, and get your clients the lowest life insurance rates for which they are eligible.

Some benefits of working with a Fee-Only Financial Adviser Life Insurance Specialist:

  • We are a like a “fulfillment center” for you and your clients. You tell us your client’s needs, and we will find the best company with the best rates.
  • There will be no surprises. We will work with you, or your clients, only per your wishes. Your clients will never be “sold” or “upsold” other life insurance products.
  • Your clients get the best of both worlds – a trusted fee-only financial advisor and a trusted life insurance expert with advanced life insurance eligibility and suitability knowledge.
  • If you need a specific financial outcome from a life insurance product you are not familiar with, we will work directly with you (or directly with your clients per your recommendation).
  • You don’t have to ask your clients any “uncomfortable” life insurance underwriting questions. You focus on your client’s financial needs, while we work with your clients, who may have mild to significant health and personal issues.
  • You will become part of our referral network.

We frequently invite our fee-only financial planners onto our podcast on to the Life Insurance Answer Man podcast to discuss investing and money management. Helping people manage their money helps them afford life insurance coverage.

Also, referring a client to a podcast, with you as the featured expert, helps establish your credibility and financial expertise (and gain more clients).

If you are a fee-only financial advisor, call us today at (888) 435-4342, and we will see if we are a good fit for each other and your clients.