Life Insurance With Stent Surgery

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If you need life insurance after stent surgery, we can help you! We can help you with life insurance with stent surgery and stent surgery life insurance approval.

Stent surgery is an amazing and life-saving surgery for individuals with certain arterial restrictions and health conditions. If you have NOT had a stent placed within your body, you are lucky! If you HAVE or had a stent placed in your body, you are still lucky!

We are blessed to live in a time when medical miracles occur every day in the hands of our talented doctors and surgeons. But getting life insurance with stent surgery creates some complications that will require you to have a talented and knowledgeable insurance professional if you want to get approved for life insurance coverage.

The good news is stents help us heal and make our bodies stronger and more resilient. We would want to have stents installed if we needed them to stay healthy!

We helped a gentleman, who was 42 years old, had an enlarged heart, had congestive heart failure, and had six stents installed, get insurance. This was pretty serious surgery for a 42-year-old! The alternative for him not getting the surgery may have meant he never lived to age 43. He was blessed to be alive, and it was a blessing to meet him.

So, what was going on in this 42-year-old’s body?

In a healthy human body, your blood vessels and arteries circulate the blood that your heart pumps. If a blood vessel wall becomes weakened over time, a stent can be placed within the artery to strengthen this area. If an artery gets restricted or blocked on the inside, a stent will likely increase blood flow in this area.

His arteries were restricted enough he needed 6 stents surgically placed near his heart to improve the blood flow to the rest of his body.

What is a stent?

A stent is simply a small mesh tubular medical device installed in a narrowed or weakened section of an artery in your body. A stent opens the artery and allows the blood to flow freely, once again, through a previously restricted area. Some stents even have medication impregnated in them that slowly release medication into the surrounding artery and blood circulatory system.

Do the insurance companies care if I have had stent surgery?

They do! Getting life insurance with stent surgery is possible and quite common these days. Although getting a stent installed is a relatively routine surgical procedure, the underlying reasons you had stents installed is what the insurance companies will be concerned about.

Even in serious cases, getting life insurance for heart stent patients is possible. We can definitely help you!

I had stent surgery five months ago; can I get life insurance with stent surgery?

Yes, you can, but you might not like the insurance rates. Most insurance companies want at least six months to have passed after having stent surgery before determining whether to issue you life insurance. They will also want you to be medically cleared by your doctor and see that you fully comply with all medical treatment plans.

Most health complications resulting from stent surgery occur within six months of your surgery. So other than applying for an accidental life insurance policy, your applications for guaranteed benefit life insurance should not be sent in for at least six months following your surgery.

What kind of life insurance rates can I get if I have had a stent surgery?

If you only had one stent installed, and there was no significant underlying medical event that resulted in this surgery occurring, you will have a much better chance of getting affordable life insurance. If you had a heart attack that resulted in you having to get a stent surgery performed, then his will be a larger concern to the life insurance company.

Different insurance companies view stents and contributing health factors differently. Some will flat-out decline your application, and some will insure you, albeit at a higher risk class. This is where Life-Wealth-Win can help you!

Risk factors that impact your stent surgery life insurance rates:

  • When did your stent surgery occur? If your surgery is relatively recent, many insurance companies will want to see more time pass before offering you any life insurance coverage.
  • How many stents do you have in your body? The more stents in your body, the higher risk you will become to the insurance companies, and the higher rates your life insurance investment cost will be.
  • Are you a smoker or have you been a smoker in the last three years? This will complicate the life insurance application process.
  • The location of the stent. The insurance company will want to know the location of the blood vessel(s) where stents were placed.
  • The percentage the artery was blocked. Heavy blockages may indicate other potentially unknown blockages.
  • What medications have you been prescribed? There are medicines out there that will cause an automatic decline for a heart surgery life insurance policy or heart stent life insurance policy.
  • What medicines you are on will help the insurance company determine what insurance rates you can get. They will also want to see you comply with your doctor’s medical treatment program.
  • Did a medical event result in the stent surgery needing to occur; did you have a heart attack or a stroke? Either of these will cause higher insurance costs or declined life insurance applications.
  • What is your ejection fraction? Your ejection fraction is a numerical measurement of the amount of blood your heart pumps with each beat. Higher numbers are better; lower numbers typically indicate a higher health risk for life insurance.
  • Are you symptomatic after having your stent surgery? Are you having any chest pains? Are you having any other complications or health risks in your body? If so, this will make it challenging to get a life insurance policy. Your best bet is to look at a guaranteed issue or graded life insurance policy until your health stabilizes.
  • Have you made any lifestyle changes? Are you eating better, are you exercising more, have you quit smoking? All of these contribute to being healthier and can cause a better risk table rating to save you money in monthly premiums.
  • What other medical tests have been performed to show the insurance company how much healthier you are now? Have you had a stress test performed? What were the results? If the results were favorable, then we can definitely help you get better life insurance rates. If the tests were unfavorable, then it can cause more expensive life insurance rates.

I have had chest pains since my stent surgery; what now?

If you are having chest pains after having a stent surgery, almost all insurance companies will not consider you for life insurance or decline you immediately. You still have the option of guaranteed life insurance; you just need to understand these are graded life insurance plans.

A graded plan will typically pay out an accidental death benefit during the first two years, and guaranteed coverage in the following years.

What kind of life insurance policies can I apply for?

A fully underwritten policy will likely not be your best chance of getting a life insurance policy with stent surgery. Depending on the amount of time that has passed, you may apply for a non-med application that requires no medical examination. The waiting period for a non-medical policy since your last stent surgery is typically in 5 to 7-years. Just call us, and we can explain what options will best fit your needs.

What if I have been refused or denied life insurance coverage in the past?

Getting life insurance with heart stents is possible. But if you have been denied for life insurance, it is probably because you applied to the wrong insurance company. We have a good success ratio of getting people placed in high-risk life insurance cases like yours.

How much life insurance coverage will I be eligible for with a stent surgery?

It depends on your health and the insurance company. The more risk you present to the insurance company, the less money they will insure you for. The better risk you are to the insurance company, the more they will insure you for.

Our specialty at Life-Wealth-Win is finding exactly what companies will view you most favorably, get you the highest coverage, at the lowest prices.


If you have had stent surgery, call us to help you understand your stent surgery life insurance eligibility.

At Life Wealth Win, we specialize in healthy to high-risk life insurance cases. We can help you understand your life insurance with stent surgery options.

We work with clients across the nation to get the best life insurance rates possible. If you have had stent surgery, we can help you get the best life insurance rates.

About Life-Wealth-Win
About Life-Wealth-Win

We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best life insurance rates.

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