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If you are looking for life insurance with hemophilia, we can help you! If you have hemophilia and you are worried you cannot get life insurance, we can help you! We can get you life insurance to protect you and your family.

Hemophilia is a concern to the insurance company when considering issuing your life insurance policy. Do not get discouraged, however, because hemophilia life insurance is attainable for almost all hemophiliacs.

In this article, we will discuss your eligibility with hemophilia, and the medical condition.

What is hemophilia?

Hemophilia is one of many inherited genetic disorders that can occur within the body. Hemophilia impairs your body’s ability to create blood clots. Blood clots traveling within your circulatory system are harmful and can cause a stroke. However, this is not the blood clotting we’re talking about with hemophilia.

When you accidentally cut yourself or get a scrape, the blood within your body exits your body via blood vessels near the surface of your skin. It is important you not lose too much blood, or a serious medical emergency could be the result.

Most wounds will stop bleeding by themselves; this is because blood has clotting agents that stop excessive bleeding.

People with hemophilia do not stop bleeding as easily as people without hemophilia. This means they can experience excessive and dangerous levels of bleeding. This is a concern for the insurance companies.

What is the most common way to get hemophilia?

Most hemophiliacs become that way through their genetics, often inheriting one of their parent’s X chromosomes with a particular nonfunctional gene resulting in hemophilia.

What are the types of hemophilia?

  • Hemophilia A – this occurs when there is not enough clotting Factor VIII.
  • Hemophilia B – this occurs when there is not enough clotting Factor IX.
  • Hemophilia C – this occurs when there is not enough clotting Factor XI.
  • Parahemophilia – this occurs when there is not enough clotting Factor V.

Getting life insurance with Factor VIII, life insurance with Factor IX, life insurance with Factor XI, and life insurance with Factor V is possible with the correct insurance company.  Life-Wealth-Win can help you get approved if you have any kind of hemophilia!

Why are the insurance companies concerned about my hemophilia?

If your body cannot clot blood, then it will be easier for you to bleed until a serious health problem occurs (sometimes resulting in death).

Symptoms can range from mild to severe. Mild symptoms may occur only after an accident or during surgery. Serious problems may occur if bleeding occurs without your knowing it, such as with internal organs or inside of your brain cavity.

Hemophilia and life insurance – what will it cost me?

Mild cases – In most cases, you will fall below the standard life insurance rating for mild to moderate hemophilia cases.

Severe cases – In most cases, if you have a severe case of hemophilia, it will cause a decline for traditional life insurance plans. We can still get you into a graded life insurance plan or a guaranteed issue life insurance plan.

Because all bleeding is dangerous if the bleeding does not stop, it can be a life-threatening problem, especially if it occurs within your digestive system, central nervous system, or in the mouth, nose, and throat area.

What company will be the best life insurance company for my hemophilia?

Life insurance for hemophiliacs is available! If you are a hemophiliac or are looking for life insurance for a hemophiliac, you need to know the different companies will view your hemophilia differently. It will do you no good to apply to a life insurance company with a history of denying hemophiliacs life insurance policies.

We work with all leading insurance companies and know which companies will look more favorably on your hemophilia medical condition.

Often, shopping for a life insurance policy with a company that requires no medical exam for life insurance can get you the best life insurance policy.

What questions will the insurance company ask me about my hemophilia?

They will want to know the following:

  • At what age were you diagnosed?
  • How many years have you had hemophilia and at what frequency rate do you bleed excessively?
    • This will give the insurance companies a clear picture of whether your hemophilia is under control.
  • How often per year do you have bleeding episodes?
  • If you bleed more frequently and bleed for longer periods, the insurance companies will consider you a higher risk for life insurance.
    • If major body organs bleed regularly, this would be a serious condition. This would cause a higher risk class rating, or perhaps, even a decline for traditional life insurance coverage.
  • What medications are you taking on a curative and preventive basis?
  • Are you compliant with your physician’s medical treatment plan?
    • Are you taking your medications as directed by your physician? Insurance companies will look more negatively on you for life insurance if you do not take your medications as prescribed.
  • Are you regularly visiting your hematologist to control your hemophilia?
    • If you are not actively managing your hemophilia, you are a greater risk to the life insurance companies. If so, they may not offer you traditional life insurance coverage.
  • What are the results of any diagnostic or lab test results over the last few years?
    • Any diagnostic tests will help the insurance companies better understand your hemophiliac condition (for better or worse).
  • Do you work in any hazardous job situations, or participate in any high-risk hobbies or activities?
    • If you have a job or a hobby that results in frequent injury, you are a greater risk to the life insurance company. This may cause higher premiums or a decline of a traditional life insurance policy.

Will the insurance underwriters only look at my hemophilia?

No, the insurance underwriters will also look at other health factors such as:

  • Your current age
  • Your current height and weight
  • Any other medical conditions going on within your body
  • Any disease history
  • Hereditary medical issues

What insurance rating class will I fall into with hemophilia?

Usually, if hemophilia is your only health issue, you will fall within a mild substandard insurance class rating. If you have other health problems, we will work with you to assess the correct insurance class rating for you to get you the most accurate premium quote.


If you have ever searched the internet for “Life insurance hemophilia”, ” life insurance hemophilia”, or “life insurance with hemophilia”, then you have come to the right place! We can help you locate the best life insurance coverage and rates! Just contact us, and we will match you with the best company for your age, health, and hemophilia condition.

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