Migraine Headache Life Insurance Approval

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Getting life insurance if you have migraine headaches need not be a challenge for migraine sufferers. Migraine headache life insurance approval with the best rates is possible with the right insurance agent and insurance company. Migraines are not a life-threatening condition, so your migraine headaches will not restrict your ability to get the best rates for life insurance.

The insurance companies, however, will want to understand what medications you are taking to control your migraine headaches.

The good news is most people who get migraine headaches easily qualify for traditional life insurance coverage. For more severe migraine headaches, the medications used to treat migraines may affect your migraine headache life insurance eligibility and premiums.

What are life insurance companies looking for with migraine headaches? 

Life insurance companies will always want to know your medical history before issuing your life insurance policy. They will want to know about your migraine headaches, medications, and other relevant medical information. They will also be interested in your:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Smoking status
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Other medical conditions and prescribed medications
  • Occupations
  • Hobbies
  • Family medical history (in some cases)
  • Driving and criminal record (in some cases)

How much will migraine headache life insurance cost?

Your life insurance premiums will be based on these combined factors. Although you can’t change your height, age, or family history, you can improve other aspects of your body to get better life insurance rates.

A proven way of getting better life insurance rates is to improve your health by having a healthy diet, exercising frequently, and quitting smoking. Doing so may help you save hundreds of dollars annually in life insurance premiums.

The life insurance underwriters will also want to know:

When were you diagnosed with migraine headaches?

The insurance company underwriters will want time to pass to assure you are medically stable and complying with your doctor’s treatment plan. If you have been recently diagnosed with migraine headaches, it may be more difficult to qualify for standard life insurance rates for at least 12 months.

The longer you have had migraine headaches, the better educated you become on what triggers a migraine attack. You and your doctor also become better educated on how to control and manage your migraine headaches.

The frequency of migraine headaches

Infrequent migraine headaches are better from a medical perspective. If you have frequent migraine headaches, it could be a sign of other health issues, such as phonophobia or photophobia. These factors will be evaluated before a life insurance company issues a standard or substandard life insurance policy rating.

Migraine management or control treatments

The life insurance company underwriters will want to know how you are controlling and reducing the triggers for your migraine headaches. Are you identifying and eliminating foods, exercises, or other trigger mechanisms? Are you using and benefiting from alternative treatment plans, such as chiropractic adjustments and massage?

What medications are you taking?

Some medications will cause unintended reactions within your body. Some medications used for migraine headaches also affect your heart rate. The underwriters will want to know if you are on NSAID medications or analgesics to control your migraines.

Too many medications taken simultaneously will require extra time to evaluate for the insurance company underwriters to determine your proper rate class.

Frequent migraine headaches not controlled well with medication may be a sign of other underlying health issues or diseases that will require further medical evaluation.

Diagnostic tests

The underwriters will want to know if you have had any diagnostic tests in the last 12 months. X-rays, MRIs, or other medical tests that will help the underwriters evaluate your condition and assure your headaches are not associated with other medical conditions, such as glaucoma or meningitis.

Migraine triggers

If you know what your triggers are for migraine headaches and can avoid them, it could help you qualify for a better life insurance rating and policy.

Have you ever been hospitalized due to migraines? – Most insurance companies will inquire about past hospitalizations, whether it be from migraines, illness, or injuries.

If your migraines are bad enough to require a hospital visit, the insurance companies will look closely at your medical condition.

How much does migraine life insurance cost?

Your migraine is only one area that insurance companies will look at when determining what to charge you for life insurance. If you are of average health, height, and weight, you will be approved for a standard policy rating.

If you have other medical conditions like diabetes, epilepsy or stroke, it may increase your rates, as the insurance companies will rate you at a substandard policy rating.

If your migraines, health, or weight improve, it is possible to get your life insurance policy re-rated later. The most important thing is to get your migraine headache life insurance now, and we can always shop around for better rates as your health improves.


If you have been diagnosed with migraine headaches, call us to help you understand your migraine headache life insurance options.

At Life Wealth Win, we specialize in healthy to high-risk life insurance cases. We can help you understand your life insurance options with migraines or any other medical problems.

We work with clients across the nation to get the best life insurance rates possible. If you have migraines, we can help you get the best migraine headache life insurance rates.

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About Life-Wealth-Win

We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best life insurance rates.

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