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Short bowel syndrome affects many people, and there are many good reasons someone with this medical diagnosis would search for short bowel syndrome life insurance.

The more physical problems we have, the more we view life as the precious gift it is. When you have an illness or physical condition that impacts your life, it makes you understand the value of life insurance and protecting your family, home, and love ones.

In this article we will talk about short bowel syndrome and how it impacts your life insurance eligibility.

What is short bowel syndrome?

Short bowel syndrome (SBS) is a disease that results from a loss of function or physical loss of a portion of the small or large intestine. Individuals with SBS are restricted in their ability to absorb nutrients, such as carbohydrates (sugars), fats, trace elements, minerals, and fluids (malabsorption).

The severity and symptoms of SBS vary from one person to another. Symptoms may include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration – severe and life-threatening in some cases.
  • Malnutrition – as the missing or non-absorbing portion of the bowel cannot absorb nutrients.
  • Unintended weight loss
  • Is there a cure for short bowel syndrome?
  • There is no cure. The symptoms of nutritional deficiencies can be treated efficiently.

How severe is short bowel syndrome?

Sometimes, short bowel syndrome can lead to life-threatening and disabling complications. SBS is most often associated with the surgical removal (resection) of a portion of the small intestine.

The surgeries are often performed to treat medical complications resulting from intestinal diseases, such as Crohn’s disease. Removal of portions of your bowel because of injury, trauma, or congenital birth defects may also lead to short bowel syndrome. Surgical removal of bowel sections is the most common cause of SBS.

Relatively minor surgeries may cause adhesions that lead to strangulation of blood flow to the bowels that will cause bowel sections needing to be removed. This can lead to SBS symptoms.

At what age can short bowel syndrome occur?

Congenital short bowel syndrome is present at the birth of the newborn. The exact cause of the newborns shortened bowel is not fully understood.

Older children or adults may be affected by short bowel syndrome if they have the following medical conditions:

  • Crohn’s disease
  • Small intestine damage from trauma
  • Small intestine damage that results from a lack of blood flow (ischemia)
  • Blood vessel diseases
  • Blood clotting disorders

Cancer treatment – removing sections of the small intestine due to cancer or cancer radiation treatment damage (Radiation enteritis)

What leads to a diagnosis of SBS?

The loss or removal of a portion of your small intestine does not immediately result in a short bowel syndrome diagnosis. Some factors that go into determining SBS are:

  • What area of the intestine has been lost
  • The length of the remaining portion of the small intestine.
  • Whether the colon is intact
  • Whether the small and large intestine valve (ileocecal valve) is intact
  • The age of the individual
  • The overall health of the individual

Who is affected by short bowel syndrome?

SBS affects males and females equally. It is rarely congenital and can be diagnosed at any point in life. In newborns, necrotizing enterocolitis results in the surgical removal of sections of the small intestine. With adults, it is often the result of surgical removal of the small intestine.

Can I get life insurance with short bowel syndrome?

Yes, you can. It is important to have an insurance agent who understands your medical condition and has access to insurance companies that will view your medical condition favorably.

Besides your SBS, insurance companies will also review all your other medical data. They will want to have a clear understanding of how you are managing with your SBS and your projected health as a result of your SBS.

How do I purchase short bowel syndrome life insurance?

The first step is to contact us at to understand your health and medical diagnosis. Besides your diagnosis of SBS, the life insurance companies and life insurance underwriters will also want to know:

What are my options for Short Bowel Syndrom life insurance approval?

Life insurance for short bowel syndrome patients is available. Insurance companies view SBS as just another health condition to consider in the life insurance approval process.

Since SBS is a disease of the intestinal tract, the insurance companies will want to know the details surrounding your illness. They will also want to know how it impacts your daily living activities and any medical impairments or limitations you may have.

SBS may not be viewed as seriously as many other health impairments (depending on your condition) by the life insurance companies. Heart attacks, diabetes, epilepsy, brain abnormalities, stroke, neurological dysfunction, and other medical impairments can have a much more significant impact on your ability to purchase life insurance.

Where can I purchase life insurance if I have SBS?

The unique health diagnosis of patients with SBS poses unique underwriting challenges for life insurance companies. If you’re looking for Short Bower Syndrome life insurance, then you have come to the right place.

What is the life insurance underwriting process for SBS?

Depending on the insurance company, and the height and weight of the life insurance candidate, an SBS sufferer may qualify for both medical and non-medical life insurance policies.

Because of the unique health challenges that many SBS patients have; many life insurance companies will require a fully underwritten medical evaluation before issuing a life insurance policy.

What will the insurance companies want to know about me and my SBS?

All life insurance coverage starts with a life insurance application. This application must be filled out completely to apply for coverage. They will want to know basic information such as:

  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Other medical conditions
  • Health history and information
  • Medications prescribed
  • Habits/hobbies

The insurance company underwriters will also want to know more about your SBS symptoms and health complications. These may include:

  • Your diagnosis date
  • Medications and dosage
  • Frequency of symptoms or flare-ups  (diarrhea, bloating, abdominal discomfort etc.)
  • Risky eating habits or noncompliance with your doctor’s medical recommendations
  • Routine gastroenterologist checkups to manage your Enteropathy

How much will my life insurance cost with SBS?

It will depend on your overall health and medical condition. Many SBS patients qualify for standard life insurance pricing. This pricing is in line with what a person of average health would pay. If your medical complications are more severe, you may still qualify for life insurance in a substandard policy class.

Who should I purchase my life insurance from?

SBS health conditions are unique and require a life insurance agent to be knowledgeable in underwriting procedures and practices. Most life insurance agents have not written Short Bowel Syndrom life insurance for their clients.

You will want an agent who has worked with SBS life insurance candidates, who has researched insurance company eligibility, and who has spoken with underwriters about this medical condition in the past.

At Life-Wealth-Win we are uniquely qualified to help you purchase life insurance if you have SBS or other medical issues.

When should I purchase life insurance with SBS?

The earlier you purchase life insurance, the better.

As you grow older, you run the risk of more medical complications which will make your life insurance premiums increase, or make you ineligible for life insurance in the future.

With SBS, the sooner you get short bowel syndrome life insurance coverage, the better. Purchase as much as you can afford for the longest length of time that you can afford it. Your future self will thank you for taking action on this at an early age.


If you have been diagnosed with SBS, call us to help you understand your short bowel syndrome life insurance options.

At Life Wealth Win, we specialize in healthy to high-risk life insurance cases. We can help you understand your life insurance with Short Bowel Syndrome options.

We work with clients across the nation to get the best life insurance rates possible. If you have SBS, we can help you get the best life insurance rates.

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About Life-Wealth-Win

We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best life insurance rates.

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